from the desk of Karen Askey-Doran…..

Mental Health Tip: Decluttering A Full Mind

The mental health tip for today is a tool to help you declutter 🧹🗑🧠 your anxious thoughts 💭, manage frustration 💣😡😤 and unblock creativity 🤔💡🎨 through streams 🏞 of consciousness writing📝.

1. Grab a piece of paper🗒 or a journal 📖 and something to write 🖋✒✏🖊🖍with. Please Note: it’s better for your brain 🧠 if you actually physically write🖋 it out instead of typing it out on a device 📵.

2. Write down📝 anything that comes to mind 🤯💭 all of it.

3. Don’t worry about punctuation ⁉️, grammar or being polite🤬, you can use whatever words you want.

4. Definitely don’t censor 🚫 it or edit 🖊 it, just let it all flow out 📝

5. Well done! You have just given yourself a mental 🧠 kiss 💋. In most cases you will feel calmer 🧘‍♀️, lighter💆‍♀️, more focussed 😊, and, if you’re like me, able to actually sleep😴💤 ✅ Brain 🧠🧹🗑 dump done! 🤗