If you aren’t sure what service is right for you, we invite you to book one free 15 minute phone consultation.

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If you aren’t sure what service is right for you, we invite you to book one free 15 minute phone consultation.

15 minute Phone Consultation

This brief consultation will provide an opportunity for you to find out if I can help you, whether my services are a good fit and answer any questions that you have.

When you book your free consultation, I will give you a call at a time that is convenient for you and we’ll go from there.

1 hour Online Counselling Session

Online counselling involves meeting together online at a pre-arranged time via video sessions. Although online counselling could include all or a combination of the following formats; email, online chat, video sessions (similar to face time), audio only sessions (similar to a phone call) or virtual reality. For online counselling you require a reliable internet connection, a computer, tablet or device which has a camera, microphone, set of headphones and a private space where you won’t be overheard or interrupted. The Counselling Studio specialises in working with people in the way that they need, we recognise that each person is unique and tailor counselling to suit, utilising person-centred counselling and expressive therapy. If you are unable to physically come in for counselling then perhaps bringing counselling to you via the internet is your next best option.

Please note: It is strongly recommended that we connect via a free 15 minute phone/web call before your first online counselling session, please keep this in mind when booking and make an appointment for both.


Normally $120

1 hour Counselling Sessions

Counselling in our beautiful studio is customised to suit your needs. For the first session, we will work together to identify where you want to begin and set goals for our time together. Sessions may involve talk therapy, symbol work, expressive arts therapy, sandplay therapy or a combination of each. No two sessions will be the same, as each person is unique.

1 hour Meditation and Relaxation Session

The meditation and relaxation sessions are perfect for those who are experiencing stress, anxiety or pain. Each session will be tailored to meet your specific need and will help you take away proven strategies to breathe and relax wherever you are and whatever you are facing. From time to time The Counselling Studio will run a meditation and relaxation group at a reduced rate, which you will be able to invite your friends to as well. [watch this space]

1 hour Pet Bereavement Counselling Session

Pets hold a significant place in our hearts and losing a beloved pet can result in devastating grief. A grief that some just don’t understand is similar to the grief that follows the death of a person. Pets can be your closest companion and you may have a stronger bond with your pet than with other people. Children can find it particularly challenging to cope with the loss of a pet, and sometimes parents find watching their child grieve extremely painful. If you have recently lost an animal dear to your heart or had to make the painful decision to euthanise, we recognise that each person grieves in their own way and we’re here to help you.

1 hour Walk and Talk Therapy Session

Walk and Talk therapy involves meeting at a pre-arranged location and conducting counselling as we walk through a natural environment. This session is for the able-bodied person that would feel more at ease being outside instead of in a room. Moving your body has immediate benefit to your state of mind, ability to cope and helps to process trauma. Because your amazing body remembers past trauma and stores it within, pain and various health challenges can often express or reflect your mental and emotional state. Getting out and about in nature has been long proven to improve your wellbeing, reduce depression and stimulate happiness. In some cultures, forest bathing is an established practice. Walk and talk therapy will take a full hour, either first thing in the morning or later in the afternoon, during which we will meet at a pre-arranged location and literally walk and talk. If we encounter others on the path it is unlikely that they will know we are conducting a therapy session, and I will be discreet by talking at a normal level and not drawing attention to us. If you get upset, we will take a breather until you feel ready to continue. In the event of unpredictable weather, you will be given the option to meet at the Studio or at another undercover location. Your session cost includes a bottle of water which I will supply. 

Please note: Walk and Talk therapy cannot be booked for your first appointment due to the intake process that is required, however this service is available for subsequent appointments. 

Bookings can be made online at your convenience.

Please be advised:

  • Cancellations or rescheduling requires a minimum of  24 hours notice; failure to do so forfeits the full payment, except in genuine emergency situations.
  • A complimentary reminder text or email will be sent 48 hours before your appointment.
  • Online counselling must be paid a minimum of 24 hours before the session.