from the desk of Karen Askey-Doran…..

The journey starts here….

The Counselling Studio Story

I believe that from little things, big things grow.

Every journey no matter how big or how small, begins with one step. Then another and another, until pretty soon you find yourself in a completely different place, having experiences you can only wonder at, that you never would have had if you didn’t take that first step way back at the beginning. That is how it was with the beginning of The Counselling Studio.

After establishing a successful electrical contracting business with my husband, based on the Atherton Tablelands, I wanted to do more to tangibly help people on their own journeys, to empower them rather than just provide power for them. Pun intended!

I have always been a natural counsellor walking through the ups and downs of life alongside friends and family, especially supporting them through crisis.

However, there were three catalysts that led me down this counselling path.

The first was when a person I dearly love experienced the debilitating effects of depression over four hard years.

The second, when another person dear to me began to experience the symptoms of anxiety and severe panic attacks.

The third, when I pulled up my shirt sleeves and went on a short-term mission trip to Thailand and Cambodia to help with the great work that Destiny Rescue is doing rehabilitating children from sexual slavery. What I saw and experienced there was heartbreaking and life changing. It was then I knew I had to learn and grow my own skill set so that I could help others. I had to find a way!

I had a fire growing in my belly, a deep desire to bring hope to those who have suffered, a passion to help people navigate the twists and turns, the bumpy roads and the absolute blindsides of life. I knew that to be with people for their journey I needed to begin my own.

For my next step I studied a Bachelor of Counselling and graduated as the Dux of my cohort! In addition, I gained qualifications in Expressive Therapies and Sandplay Therapy which completely changed my life.

Imagine receiving counselling in a language that you understand, being able to tap into your subconscious and figure out what is going on under the surface and being able to express yourself for when there are no words. Both Expressive and Sandplay Therapies tap into all of the intelligences identified in Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences; providing a truly unique therapy experience in which counselling is tailored to suit a person’s preferred way of working.

Time and time again I have seen the expressive therapy activities, sandplay and symbol work, provide a safe way to express what’s going on inside, activate a person’s inbuilt ability to heal, provide grounding, emotional release and deep life-changing healing.

My next step, after paying attention to the current trend in our industry towards online therapy, involved completing Advanced Online Therapy Training in order to cater for those who are unable to physically attend a session in our studio. The online counselling sessions are provided via video sessions (similar to face timing). All that is needed is a computer or tablet or smart phone, a private space and a set of headphones and you’re good to go. If this appeals to you, rest assured I can help you.

So here I am, fully qualified and ready to walk with you on your journey.

The journey starts here, it just takes one small step.